All SATORI-DYES products are made from 100% cotton.

Most of SATORI-DYES designs are based on the cardinal points and the quarter-points, equaling eight points. Starbursts have eight points, Starburst Overlays have alternating rows of eight.

Starbursts may be placed in five different locations: right side, right bottom corner, left bottom corner, left side or the middle of the shirt. Red, orange and yellow alternates with green, blue and purple.  Centering the design on the side or bottom creates a bigger “object footprint” and an amazing 3D wrap-around effect! Coming soon: patriotic five-point stars!

tee shirt starburst-corner bottom right
Starburst Overlay-Bottom Right Corner

Rosettes may be virtually any color as long as they contrast well with the background.

tee shirt-rosettes