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SATORI-DYES LLC is not affiliated with any team, franchise, club, organization, conference, league, or association. Depictions of such are the artist’s rendition, adaptation, or representation of said graphic and are the sole property of SATORI-DYES LLC.

Goods and Services

SATORI-DYES LLC is an e-commerce website offering 100% cotton framed art and family apparel. 

Refund Policy

You may return any product for a full refund due to material defects. 

Customer Service Contact

You may reach me at michaeljosephkoshak@gmail.com

Transaction Currency

All transactions will use U.S. Dollars.

Legal Restrictions

SATORI-DYES LLC will adhere to all legal requirements.


All shipping will be U.S. ground 3rd class and will be delivered within thirty (30) days of confirmation of order, or your money back.

Merchant Outlet Country Disclosure

SATORI-DYES LLC operates within the country of the United States of America and will sell products to legal U.S. residents only.

Federal and State Compliance

SATORI-DYES LLC will adhere to all federal and state regulations pertaining to the selling of tangible goods to customers via the world wide web.