Most of SATORI-DYES designs are based on the cardinal points and the quarter-points, equaling eight points. Starbursts have eight points, Starburst Overlays have alternating rows of eight.

Tapestries may be either 48 x 48, 72 x 72, or 96 x 96 inches square. Some designs are not available on smaller sizes, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. Sizes will be displayed for each item. Frames are made of one inch square channeled aluminum tubing. 96 inch tapestries require some assembly, because they will not fit through your front door!

Wave tapestries are 48, 72, or 96 inches high and “at least” two times longer than their height. Wave tapestries will have no frames because of their sizes.

WAVE – Catch my wave and hang ten while surfing the best tie dyes on the planet! This particular Wave is five by fifteen feet!
DRAGON – Eight hungry dragons emerge from the depths to feast upon your flesh!
ETERNAL BUZZ – A traveler of time and space is always looking for the eternal buzz!
EXIMPLOSION – Opposing polarities clash in an unending battle to escape!
HUDDLE – The strong front eight develop a strategy for the winning touchdown!
PUZZLE – Don’t scratch your head for too long, the pieces are already assembled!
STARBURST OVERLAY – Eight rays alternately shoot out of this exploding star!
VORTEX TRIPLE – Three event horizons squeeze your soul in one-third of the time!
WAR GODS (Hell facing out) – Sixteen deities locked in immortal combat while trapped within the opposing realm!
WIZARD – Eight wizards conjure a spell while consulting the omniscient eye!