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SATORI-DYES LLC was originally founded in 1990 by Michael J. Koshak as a part-time crafting/hobby business.

Located in Wausau Wisconsin, it is evolving into a fully functioning e-commerce webstore.

Items of interest will be added periodically. Thank you for your participation.


You may contact me for any reason.

If you have any questions concerning colors, sizes, payment methods, etc, just drop a note.

Customer Service inquiries should be made out to:


All SATORI-DYES LLC products are 100% cotton and as a result, specific care requirements are needed for a long life. 

When you first receive your product, there will be excess dye in the garment. 

I highly recommend washing your product in warm water, with a cool rinse. 


A hot dryer will shrink your garments more than hot wash water. 

Please wash warm then dry at a medium setting or use high heat only for a short time (15 min).

SATORI-DYES LLC makes every effort to supply quality “pre-shrunk” apparel and is not liable for excess shrinkage due to consumer neglect or misuse.

If subjected to soiling, Mandalas and Tapestries may be disassembled, laundered, then reassembled for a bright and long-lasting future.

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